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" How It Happened ! "

 My encounter with the Japanese Spitz goes back to 1984. At that

 time the breed was totally unknown to dog breeders and fanciers

 in Italy and in most countries of Central and South Europe.

 Just a few articles and small books describing this dog were

 available from Scandinavia and England where the Japanese Spitz

 had been imported and bred since the early '70s. However, these

 documents did not tell much about the origins and early

 development of the breed in Japan.


 When in 1983 I heard for the first time about the "mythic"

 Japanese Spitz and started to collect detailed information on 

 this dog, I was particularly lucky as I already had contacts in 

 Japan in connection with my profession. Two dear Japanese

 friends in particular gave their invaluable help for the approach 

 to the new breed. 

 They kindly satisfied my requests for information by providing all

 possible images and documents (with translations !) illustrating

 the Japanese Spitz and introduced me to the clubs of the breed

 in Japan.


 This way I could establish very friendly and fruitful relations with

 Japanese top experts and fanciers of the breed who helped me

 enormously to achieve a clear view of this dog and its outstanding 


 Eventually I was so struck and fascinated by these snow-white

 beauties that I took my decision at once: the Japanese Spitz would

 definitely be my breed for life !


 Things evolved quite positively over the following months and it 

 was really great emotion and joy, when in March 1985 I drove to

 Rome's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and picked up the

 lovely pair of four month old puppies sent to me directly from 


 They were the first examples of Japanese Spitz ever seen in Italy


Take-Maru of Yokohama Takada (dog)





Agree of oka Hiyamisow (bitch) 





 However, as it often happens, a few months later happiness

 unfortunately turned to discomfort.

 Poor Agree, the female puppy, soon showed evidence of serious

 sickness and sadly died at only eight month old.

 Post-mortem revealed that both  

 kidneys of Agree were irreparably

 harmed by progressive interstitial

 nephritis which had brought to

 endocarditis and thence to heart

 failure as the final consequence.

 How such deadly nephritis had

 originated in so young a subject from

 Japan it could not be ascertained.

 It wasn't until 1987 that the pair of

 Japanese Spitz in Italy could be

 reconstituted by providing the survived male Take-Maru, a

 particularly fine example of the breed, with a new mate from






Fujiko of White Kodamasow (bitch)


Take-Maru and Fujiko produced their first litter in 1989 and another

 one in 1990. All the puppies born proved to be sound and top

 quality subjects.

 In 1990 close and friendly cooperation started with "di Paranor"

 Kennels owned by Mrs. Luisella Cecchinato, who had previous

 experience as a breeder of Siberian Huskies.

 Luisella took two bitches from Fujiko's second litter and later she

 also became co-owner with me of a new male spitz.


 Masamitsu of Yokohama Murata (dog)


 that I imported from Japan in 1992. She ensured JS breeding in

 Italy under her Kennel's name "di Paranor" using my imported

 lines whilst, due to very demanding job away from home, I

 personally could not look after breeding and take care of new

 litters for some years.


 Final homecoming allowed me to regain some free time, which

 resulted in two new achievements


                  1) Publication in 1997 of the first complete

                       manual of the Japanese Spitz ever appeared 

                       in Western World (see "The Book of the Breed"



                  2) Importation in January 1998 of my fifth Japanese

                      Spitz from Japan                                                                             


Asagi of Toyoshi Hakuren (dog)    


      A handsome boy with exceptionally sweet and loving nature,

         who since then lives at our home together with the girl which

         came to us from "di Paranor" Kennels in 1995



Beleriand di Paranor (Masamitsu x Sākura) (bitch)    

     "Asa" and "Belle"                                                        


  Many years have passed by now after the first Japanese Spitz

 entered our house and became part of the family, but passion and

 emotion for this breed are still the same as they were in the


 I enjoy seeing Japanese Spitz anytime and anywhere and it's also

 my special pleasure when I can meet the numerous friends from 

 all over the world who share my own "holy fire" for this delightful



 The special interest in the Japanese Spitz and the continual

 passionate research on the breed during more than 20 years

 naturally brought to build step by step a lot of nice and stimulating

 contacts with people and associations devoting to this dog.

This was particularly rewarding, and it is real pleasure, honour and

 pride today to be in friendly terms and to co-operate with JS clubs,

 breeders and fanciers of Japan, Australia, Finland, Sweden,

 Norway, United Kingdom and other countries in the world where

 the breed is appreciated.