About US

About US

My encounter with the Japanese Spitz goes back to 1984. At that

 time the breed was totally unknown to dog breeders and fanciers

 in Italy and in most countries of Central and South Europe.

 Just a few articles and small books describing this dog were

 available from Scandinavia and England where the Japanese Spitz

 had been imported and bred since the early ’70s. However, these

 documents did not tell much about the origins and early

 development of the breed in Japan.

 When in 1983 I heard for the first time about the “mythic”

 Japanese Spitz and started to collect detailed information on 

this dog, I was particularly lucky as I already had contacts in 

 Japan in connection with my profession. Two dear Japanese

 friends in particular gave their invaluable help for the approach 

to the new breed. 

 They kindly satisfied my requests for information by providing all

 possible images and documents (with translations !) illustrating

 the Japanese Spitz and introduced me to the clubs of the breed

 in Japan.

 This way I could establish very friendly and fruitful relations with

 Japanese top experts and fanciers of the breed who helped me

 enormously to achieve a clear view of this dog and its outstanding 


 Eventually I was so struck and fascinated by these snow-white

 beauties that I took my decision at once: the Japanese Spitz would

 definitely be my breed for life !

 Things evolved quite positively over the following months and it 

 was really great emotion and joywhen in March 1985 I drove to

 Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and picked up the

 lovely pair of four month old puppies sent to me directly from