The Breed

The Breed

The origin of the Japanese Spitz is said to be from large and medium

 sized white spitz dogs (White German Spitz and other similar spitz 

 breeds from America, North-East Europe and Asia) brought to Japan 

 beginning from around 1915.

 In the year 1921 some white spitz were exhibited for the first time 

 at a dog show in Tokyo.
Subsequently, in 1925, two pairs of white spitz were imported from 

Canada and, until around 1936, further imports arrived in Japan 

 from North America,  Australia and East Russia (through Manchuria).
Eventually their offspring were crossbred to produce a better breed.
After the Second World War the first unified breed standard 

drawn up in 1948 by the Japan Kennel Club and finally approved 

 in 1953.